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Staff Engineer



Software Engineering
Posted on Thursday, May 30, 2024
About Caravelo

Caravelo is at the forefront of TravelTech innovation, blending financial and travel solutions into a seamless subscription service.

Based in the vibrant city of Barcelona, we are proud to be the world’s sole provider of specialized subscription platforms for the travel industry. Our solutions empower airlines and other travel providers not only to enhance their product offerings but also to achieve greater profitability and stability in their operations.

With a dedicated global team of 40 members, Caravelo has experienced significant growth and embraces a hybrid work model. Our headquarters in Barcelona are designed to foster creativity and collaboration, creating a dynamic workplace where ideas thrive.

As we continue to expand, we invite you to join our journey of transforming the travel experience through innovative technology. Our platform uniquely marries the fintech and travel tech domains, eliminating the need for our clients to rely on generic subscription tools that require extensive customization.

Our technology stack is robust, featuring Java with Quarkus and HK2 for dependency injection and control, Vue.js for frontend development, and GitLab for our codebase management and CI/CD pipelines. For monitoring and observability, we utilize Datadog, ensuring our SaaS architecture, hosted on AWS, operates seamlessly and efficiently.

The mission

Caravelo is seeking a seasoned Staff Engineer to take a pivotal role in transforming our technical landscape. With deep expertise in Java development and scalable cloud architectures, this role is designed for a visionary leader who is not just an individual contributor but also a mentor and a standard-bearer for excellence within our engineering teams.

Duties and responsibilities
  • Technical Leadership and Vision: You will drive the technical roadmap, envisioning a modernized platform that addresses both current needs and future challenges. Lead the charge in elevating our engineering standards, optimizing code quality, scalability, and system resilience to meet the growing demands of our global customer base.

  • Cultural Transformation: Transform a once siloed team into a vibrant, open community. Establish and lead a tech lead chapter to mentor and inspire, fostering a culture where learning and decision-making are collective, and innovation is habitual.

  • Strategic Influence and Collaboration: Actively collaborate with cross-functional teams, including DevOps and platform engineering groups, to create and refine tools that enhance productivity and performance across the company. Your strategic input will directly influence product managers and designers, empowering them to realize their visions effectively.

  • Engineering Sustainability and Quality: Spearhead initiatives to manage and reduce technical debt pragmatically. Implement sustainable engineering practices that ensure long-term system health and efficiency, including advanced API design and security enhancements.

  • Operational Excellence: Oversee backend delivery flows, advocate for best practices in coding and testing, and promote automation to ensure consistency across all backend operations. Your role will be crucial in developing business cases for technical initiatives that unlock new opportunities and enhance operational effectiveness.

Your main goals at Caravelo:

  • Develop a maintain up to date a technical vision that aligns with Caravelo’s strategic business objectives, modernizing our platform and setting new standards in tech excellence.

  • Earn respect as a technical leader within the backend discipline, becoming a reference point for innovation and quality.

  • Foster a hands-on crafting culture, leading by example to mentor emerging talent and raising the bar for the entire engineering team.

This role reports directly to the Chief Product and Technology Officer (CPTO) and offers limitless opportunities for career growth, challenging you to leverage your skills in a dynamic, collaborative environment.

Required skills and experience
  • Extensive Technical Experience: You bring at least 7+ years of hands-on experience in developing robust Java applications, with a proven track record in scalable cloud architectures.

  • Educational Background: Possess a Bachelor’s degree or higher in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a related field, enriching your deep technical expertise.

Technical proficiency:

  • Advanced Tool Mastery: Highly proficient with build automation tools such as Maven or Gradle, which streamline and optimize our continuous integration and delivery processes.

  • Frameworks and Design Patterns: Expert knowledge of frameworks like Spring or HK2, demonstrating your ability to design scalable and maintainable software architectures.

  • Diverse Development Experience: Comfortable working with multiple programming languages and environments, enhancing our team’s adaptability and solution range.

System and process Expertise
  • End-to-End System Development: Comprehensive understanding of the software development lifecycle, ensuring excellence from conceptual design through deployment.

  • Version Control Expertise: Skilled in advanced version control practices with tools like Git, enhancing collaborative development and ensuring code integrity.

  • Database Management: Strong command over both SQL and NoSQL databases, enabling effective data integration and management for complex applications.

  • Cloud Solutions Proficiency: Demonstrated experience with cloud platforms such as AWS, leveraging cloud technologies to drive system scalability and resilience.

Personal attributes and soft skills
  • Adaptable and Resilient: Thrives in dynamic, fast-paced environments, adapting quickly to new challenges and continuously pushing for improvement.

  • Proactive Leader: Not only anticipates needs and leads initiatives but also inspires and mentors others, fostering a culture of innovation and high performance.

  • Team-Oriented: Committed to fostering a collaborative environment, you enhance team dynamics and contribute to collective success through effective communication and mutual support.

Must have competencies:
  • Innovative and Strategic Problem Solver

  • Curious Learner and Thought Leader

  • Passionate Builder with Hands-On Leadership

  • Owner’s Mindset with High Accountability

  • Pragmatic and Iterative Approach

  • Collaborative Team Player

  • Client-Centric Engineer

What we offer

Rewarding Compensation and Benefits

  • Competitive Salary and Progression Framework: We offer a competitive salary structure complemented by a clear progression framework, ensuring that your growth and achievements are recognized and rewarded.

  • Tax-Free Benefits: Enhance your lifestyle with our comprehensive benefits package that includes private health insurance, restaurant and transport cards, and kindergarten subsidies, helping you manage costs without tax implications.

Flexible and dynamic work environment
  • Flexible Working Hours and Locations: We understand that life doesn’t always fit neatly into a 9-to-5 schedule. Our flexible working hours and the option to work from different locations accommodate your personal needs and help maintain a healthy work-life balance.

  • Hybrid Work Model: Embrace the flexibility of working both remotely and in our cozy office located in the heart of Barcelona. Whether at home or in the office, we ensure you have the support and tools you need to excel.

  • A Vibrant Office Space: Our office in Barcelona isn’t just a place to work; it's a space designed for comfort and creativity. Enjoy free coffee and beer while you collaborate with your team or need a moment to relax.

Development opportunities
  • Training and Conference Budget: We are committed to your professional development. Benefit from our generous budget for training and conferences that empowers you to learn new skills, stay ahead of industry trends, and grow in your career.

  • Gym and Sports Discounts: Stay healthy and active with discounts on gym memberships and other sports activities, promoting a balanced lifestyle.

Work-Life Balance and Fun
  • Generous Holiday Allowance: Unwind and recharge with 23 days of holiday each year, allowing you to take the time you need to relax without sacrificing your personal days.

  • Inclusive and International Work Culture: Thrive in a diverse, inclusive, and international working environment where your unique perspectives are valued and celebrated.

  • Engaging Team Activities: Enjoy a fun and dynamic team atmosphere with regular company events and celebrations, fostering a sense of community and teamwork.

At Caravelo, we’re not just creating innovative travel and fintech solutions; we’re building a culture where your work genuinely impacts the business, your professional growth is supported, and your well-being is prioritized. Join us, and be part of a team where you can see the results of your work, feel appreciated, and have fun along the way.

About us

At Caravelo we are always looking for people with the right mix of passion, authenticity, and attitude to join our team. We are also proud to be an inclusive, equal opportunity employer.